Tweet your leader to demand that the EU ends child sexual violence online.

Let's tell our leaders that we want child abuse to stop. Now!

The internet grows more dangerous for our children everyday. Yet our leaders and decision makers are prevaricating, when they could be making it safer.

Following society’s ever-increasing reliance on digital technologies and the internet for just about everything, it has never been easier or more important for children to safely access the internet. As more and more children are living online, so too will the criminals that wish to prey on them.

The EU are currently deciding whether to make the internet free from child sexual abuse and help stop the spread of harmful content online.

We need to show our leaders how many of us are willing to stand up for children before the vote on the legislation. Tweet your MEP or National Government now and call on them to turn #ChildSafetyOn and put a stop to online child sexual abuse.


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