Every second, at least 2 images or videos of child sexual abuse are shared online.

That’s why the #ChildSafetyON, supported by the ECLAG coalition, calls for laws and policies to protect our children online!

We cannot wait any longer! EU policymakers must act decisively to end online child sexual abuse once and for all.

Join the movement and take action today!

Child Safety Online is possible!


  • We call for Child safety by design, to ensure that platforms design their services with the rights and needs of children at the forefront. The EU should require/mandate designs that ensure privacy settings by default for child users, effective age verification, child-friendly reporting mechanisms and features that make it harder for offenders to reach hundreds of child users at the same time. 
  • We call on the EU to require online service providers to prevent, detect, report, and remove child sexual abuse online. We protect our children offline by designing safe spaces and holding offenders accountable, so why aren’t we doing the same online? Over 200 companies are already voluntarily using advanced and targeted technologies to safely detect, report and eliminate child sexual abuse online. However, the vast majority of tech companies are not using these technologies, which is why we call for a law that imposes obligations on all online platforms. 
  • We call for the implementation of strong safeguards to avoid any misuse of any detection technology, and to ensure the privacy of adult and child users is respected. Children’s right to be safe online and users’ privacy go hand in hand. Technology can be designed to ensure both privacy and child protection with a high level of accuracy.
  • We want the EU to listen to children’s views and experiences on online safety and to hear the voices of survivors, who can share their expertise on prevention, healing and justice processes and give recommendations on the safe technologies to use.

No one solution will solve this complex issue. Other preventative measures are vital to end child sexual abuse! We support:


Awareness-raising activities to support and provide parents and children with the right knowledge to be aware and recognise the online risks and what to do when encountering it.


Education for children, parents and relevant caregivers such as teachers on online safety.


Peer-to-peer support groups for children to reach out to safe and supporting groups on how to handle a potential risk online.


Any other evidence-based prevention measures.