This page contains descriptions of sexual abuse affecting children. 

You can find out where to report child sexual abuse material in your country here.

You can access national child helplines via the European number 116 111.

We cannot leave our children to face these horrors alone.

The ChildSafetyOn coalition is united in its call to EU decision makers to end the global epidemic of childhood sexual violence online in Europe (and beyond).


Child sexual abuse material (CSAM): visually depicts a child or person appearing to be a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and can be exchanged, shared and sold online. It can refer to pictures, videos, screenshots of live-streamed abuse, as well as digitally created material, and deepfake material, created with artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes using the faces/bodies of real children. 

Grooming: happens when an adult intentionally starts and establishes a relationship with a child for the purpose of facilitating sexual contact between them.