Some groups are intentionally misleading you about what these proposed laws mean for Europe.
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Will this legislation be effective in stopping the spread of CSAM?

Detection can help dramatically stop the spread of child sexual abuse material online, as part of a toolbox of solutions needed to tackle this complex crisis. In 2021, detection efforts slowed down as the legal basis for detection expired. As a result, the number of incidents of reporting went down, despite the fact that data shows the volume of abusive material increased.

Increasing detection efforts means more CSAM being found, removed and reported, which increases children’s online safety. It’s as simple as that.


Will this proposal lead to all of my messages being seen?

The short and honest answer is no. Tools that detect child sexual abuse material are built for purpose, detecting only offending material. They are able to detect the needle in the haystack and that's it.

What’s more, the legislation sets out a safeguard usage process through triangulation of private companies, public authorities and the courts. This approach ensures only offending material is flagged and removed, keeping children and survivors safe from online abuse.

Will grooming detection tech falsely detect conversations of victims confiding about their abuse?

Grooming and reporting conversations are fundamentally different and there is technology existing that can detect the differences. So, there will be no confusion between facilitating and disclosing sexual abuse. 

As the technology adapts to specific risks present on a platform, it makes a safeguarding tool for children who are most likely to use reporting and blocking mechanisms online to seek help.

How will this legislation affect law enforcement?

Increased reporting will help law enforcement understand the spread of child sexual abuse material, and demonstrate the need for increased resourcing to tackle the issue. 

In addition, the detection of CSAM plays a crucial role beyond law enforcement investigation. It also plays a central role in reducing the further spread of CSAM online, which ensures dignity for victims and survivors, and reduces access to CSAM.

Will governments be able to use the technology to prosecute other behaviours?

Under the proposal, the 'EU centre to prevent and combat child sexual abuse' will provide access to accredited state of the art tech which by design can only detect child sexual abuse.

What’s more, their use will only be permitted on a case by case basis under the review of public authorities and national courts.

A New law proposed to protect children

Keeping young people safe online

In 2021 alone, an estimated 85 million images and videos of child sexual abuse were reported worldwide. It is sickening, and it needs to stop.

New EU legislation has just been proposed to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation. This should mean the tech sector finally takes responsibility and uses the tools at their disposal to combat child exploitation.

But we need you to get behind these new laws. We need the lawmakers and tech companies to know just how much this matters to us.