A campaign to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation and protect our children on the Internet.

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A New law proposed to protect children

Keeping young people safe online

In 2021 alone, an estimated 85 million images and videos of child sexual abuse were reported worldwide. It is sickening, and it needs to stop.

New EU legislation has just been proposed to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation. This should mean the tech sector finally takes responsibility and uses the tools at their disposal to combat child exploitation.

But we need you to get behind these new laws. We need the lawmakers and tech companies to know just how much this matters to us.

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Some groups are intentionally misleading you about what these proposed laws mean for Europe.
Share these facts below to help us spread the truth.

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This coalition which consists of a pan-European mix of organisations who aim to raise awareness of the pressing need to protect children online in our ever developing digital world. The coalition includes the European Child Sexual Abuse Legislation Advocacy Group (ECLAG).